The Maine Amateur Radio Foundation, Incorporated

On Saturday January 20, 2017 the organization held a vote to change the name of the organization to The Maine Amateur Radio Foundation, Incorporated. This name change was brought about to better reflect what the organization is trying to accomplish. We support amateur radio. The old name did not express this in the name. Over the next few months you will see some of us at upcoming Hamfests. Please feel free to stop by and ask questions and by all means think about joining. Spread the word and help us grow this great hobby

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Click on the link and you too can have your name on the list. Simply print the application and send in your $10 and you will be included on the famous list that everyone wants to be on.

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See what is going on in amateur radio here in Maine? Follow this link to some very interesting radio growth.

For more information on the new club please contact Bob, N1WJO.

Page updated on 1/21/2018.